Partner with us

Intro to coding courses designed to convert potential candidates into students

Showcase your

Allow potential customers to understand more about how you can best serve their career development but using our platform to showcase your offering.

  • Custom Onboarding and Portal
  • Bespoke Comms throughout the course
  • Calls to action to setup next steps

Understand your

Get a better understanding of the people who are looking to learn to code. Our unique platform gathers data on your potential students and helps you gain a data driven approach to onboarding.

  • Customer Analytics
  • Feedback forms designed to understand potential students
  • Data driven course design

Improve your Conversion

Our partnership is designed to improve the conversion of customers.

  • Find people at an earlier stage
  • Inspire them to continue learning

We'll let the stats talk for themselves.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality early traning to support candidates in taking your courses.

Likely to pursue a Bootcamp with the provider
Would continue to learn to code
Said the course was good value

What we offer your business

Our goal is to inpire people to learn to code and take up using businesses such as yourselves.

Custom Comms

We have a communitcation strategy designed to keep potential candidates interested in you.

Bespoke Dashboard

A dashboard designed to showcase your courses and inspire potential candidates to find out more.

Calls to Action

At the end of the course we funnel people interested towards setting up a call or meeting with you.

Follow up support

We support students in making the next step towards your course and make sure you connect with the right people.

Candidate Reviews

Reviews to help you understand each candidates performance.

Student Analytics

Help you and us understand what is working for students and how we can continue to improve the journey.

Custom Onboarding Flow

Custom landing page and signup page to help students understand the benefits of your this course and your longer courses.

Social Ads

Marketing Advertisement to inspire students to take the courses and promote your business.

What do candidates say?

Listen to what some of our students have said.


"The baby steps to learn the basics and the nudging in the exercises to make you research a few new things were very effective for me.I also think that the course accomplishes what it is supposed to do; I finish it more confident that I want to pursue a career in tech."


"Tom was one of the best and most methodical tutors I've had the pleasure of listening to and learning with. All the lessons were presented in an understandable way and I felt I had a good foundation to continue with any potential coding education. Thank you Tom."


"Khumbo was an excellent teacher and has initiated my journey into tech.Her teaching style was phenomenal, it was a well balanced approach between theory as well as practical elements. Tom would always check up on the students at the end of the sessions and helped us with any questions and concerns we had."

Frequently asked questions

Who should be doing these courses?
Potential candidates who are in the early stages of learning to code and considering a career change but not 100% convinced of the next steps.
How much are the courses?
The courses range in price depending on the length but they start from £100 per person plus an admin fee.
What are next steps?
Next steps would be to setup a meeting to talk through your goals and come up with a plan to improve conversion.
Do you run other courses?
Yes!, we run all sorts of courses for beginners right up to offering bespoke training to your tech teams.